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"Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find
all the barriers within yourself
that you have built against it."
~ Rumi




Johnny is an actor who has a great love for his craft. He's worked consistently for over 20 years as a writer, actor, voice over artist and comedian.

This site is currently undergoing reconstruction.

In the meantime, follow Johnny on twitter or facebook


Multiple shakespearian and classical roles, comedy, one-man shows and stand up comedy.

A huge variety of roles from leads through supporting roles as villains and good-guys, ranging from the comical to the dramatic with a range of accents and even going trans gender and aged when it's called for.

Johnny loves acting for film and does extensive work with young up and coming film makers. "I love the energy of young blood"

Johnny has slutted his way through practically all the soaps in south africa including isidingo, 7de laan, generations, yizo-yizo, the lab, snitch, etc... ad nause... you get the idea.

Right now
Johnny is currently appearing in 'The Race-ist' at all Nu-Metro cinemas nationwide, fast and furious Brakpan. Fans already busy at The Race-ist facebook page.

In the masterpiece French film 'Venus Noir' possibly premiering at Cannes, directed by the genius Abdellatif Kerchich and produced by MK2 the makers of Three Colors Blue.

Jonny's short film made with Paulo Ariel, 'Cutting The Darkness' was official selection at the Chicago Film Festival.

Jonny has written a beautiful script to be shot in the near future called 'Hyena Moon' the true story of Louie Greeff, a South African legend.


For a fairly accurate overview of what Johnny's been doing, try his Internet Movie Data Base page. There's some Disney credits missing and a few errors, mainly to do with a sound man of the same name.

To get hold of Johnny, in the professional sense, like if you'd like him for the Gunslinger of Stephen King's Dark Tower epic, his agents are MLA. Use this link to contact MLA, and use this one to see Johnny's page there. That, or call MLA at +27 11 7884873


and to contact Johnny directly, here's his personal private and confidential email address:

johnny AT

Johnny's official facebook fan page